Step in the boots of Jim M., a private investigator that sees his dwindgly career head in an unexpected and unwanted direction. Explore the world beyond the realm of ”modern belief” and try not to go too much down the rabbit hole or you might never return.

Case 1:
Boston, 1978, private investigator Jim Morrison finds a curious letter on his desk. A young woman, living on a farm not far from the bustling city, calls for his aid in a strange case of ongoing disappearances. The local authorities aren’t making any progress in stopping this crisis and the woman fears that she might be next.

At a low point in his career, Morrison decides to accept the case and heads out to the farm. Upon arrival, he only happens upon more questions that need answering and the recent disappearance of the one that summoned him there.


Classified Stories is a first-person, micro-adventure game that focuses entirely on exploration and discovery, with elements of occult and extraordinary.

Investigate and piece together the events that transpired at this seemingly normal farm. Discover the story of the people who lived there, as well as their secrets. Pick up objects and inspect them in order to gather more clues, but be careful. There is something lurking in the shadows..